Latest update: July 1, 2020

Farm.One is designated an essential agricultural business in New York. We are also doing all we can to maximize social distancing and support the rest of the city in eliminating COVID-19.

As the situation develops, we will respond to any additional guidance from state or federal authorities. If at any point we perceive the risk profile to change, we will act promptly and also update this page.

Events, Tours & Classes

Farm.One has suspended all our in-person events, including tours, classes and edible bars.

We take this decision to reduce any chance of infection spread between tour and event guests, or from guests to our staff.

Product Sales:

Our produce sales to the public occur through contactless delivery. The farm is operating at a minimal level only, with a minimum number of staff on site.

We are comfortable that our harvest and order pick-up/delivery are safe practices for our staff, our customers, and our chefs’ customers.

Contactless delivery

When out on deliveries, our team walks, rides a bike, or drives in their own car from drop to drop. Product is stored throughout the delivery route in an insulated bag, and is packed at our farm and not removed from the bag until our team reaches your location.

Our delivery professionals wear gloves and a face covering during their shifts. Delivery professionals are provided with hand sanitizer, gloves, and alcohol to disinfect any door knobs and surfaces they encounter on their route. Personal cars are disinfected at the start and end of each shift.

At each delivery location, our team member will drop the product at the customer’s door (or with the concierge attendant per building policy), leave the building, and you’ll receive a notification letting you know that the delivery has been made. Any interactions with doorpersons maintain a minimum social distance of 6-feet.

We hire our own delivery professionals so that we can provide resources, training, and confidence that our delivery professionals are taking necessary safety precautions. Delivery professionals are paid above minimum wage, have health insurance, and we offer paid sick leave for this position (and all others) so there is no incentive to come to work if not feeling well.

Contactless pickup

Contactless pickup is available at our TriBeCa location, 77 Worth Street.

Customers take the lobby elevator down one story to Floor 1, where our sanitized contactless pickup shelf awaits them.

Orders are placed on these shelves for customer pickup 5-10m ahead of the designated pick-up time so that no interaction is necessary between customers and the farm team.

No customer visits to the farm are permitted.

Our on-farm team members

Our team is being scheduled in staggered shifts so that the fewest people possible are present on the farm at the same time. The team wears face coverings during the shift & gloves when harvesting and handling packaging or product; there is no bare hand to product contact.

When more than one person is working on the farm, the team stays at least six feet away from one another. Team members are scheduled so that they will not be on public transit during rush hour.

Our message to our staff has been and always will be consistent: Staff are entitled to sick pay, our full-time staff have health insurance, and as such there is no reason for any Farm.One team member to attend work while sick, which further reduces any risk.

Regular sanitization of surfaces and hands

Farm.One already follows a high standard of food safety whereby produce is grown in a controlled environment, staff harvest only after going through strict sanitary procedures, all equipment is regularly sanitized, and all is done to maintain biosecurity during our planting, plant-care and harvest processes. We’ve recently increased these measures for increased safety.

When a shift begins, the team member washes their hands with warm soap and water for at least 20 seconds, disinfects personal items with alcohol, and sprays down all surfaces with alcohol.

Throughout the shift, the team member regularly washes and sanitizes their hands. (We’re enjoying Wash Your Lyrics on the farm!)

At the end of a shift,  the team member washes their hands, repeats the process of disinfecting surfaces with alcohol, and sanitizes all tools used during the shift using alcohol or Steramine.

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