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A look inside the vertical farming industry

Get to know your food

Urban, indoor farms are the perfect place to see how plants grow and gain a deeper understanding of where your food comes from.

We’ll show you our entire process from seed to harvest, including how your food gets from the farm to you.

Our hope is that our guests leave feeling more connected to their food, their communities, and each other.


Learn by doing 

We offer a rare chance to see a vertical farm in action and expand your idea of what a farm can be. 

This transparency and openness are part of our mission to show how small, indoor farms can be the lifeblood of urban communities.
More than just meeting new people and sipping great cocktails, our Experiences are a chance to learn, connect, and get your hands dirty.


Taste NYC’s rarest flavors 

In a city brimming with events, a visit to our farm is a sensory experience unlike any other. 

Get a chance to see and taste some of New York’s rarest flavors. Learn from our team and open your palate to exciting new tastes, smells, and sensations. With at least 75 plant varieties growing at a given time, each day on the farm is an adventure in flavor.

I love it. It's a great way to eat healthy food.
Randy, Upper East Side

See what’s growing at your favorite restaurant

Our greens, rare herbs, and edible flowers are grown-to-order for some of Manhattan’s top chefs.

See which restaurants we’re growing for, which plants are headed where, and how we use our custom-built technology to perfect each leaf. 

We deliver on the day of harvest, which means there’s nothing fresher in NYC — you can literally see your greens growing in the morning and eat them in the evening (in a Michelin-starred restaurant).   


Experience the future of farming

Changing the future of food is exciting, and we want to share it with you.

See how hydroponics can contribute to higher yields while reducing environmental impact, and learn about the technologies we’ve developed which give us a unique edge in the industry. 

Discover how urban farms allow you to do more with less and produce hyper-local, nutritious food in virtually any space. Small, indoor farms make growing food possible for anyone, anywhere.


Enjoy a spring day,
any day 

Step into a refreshing and much-needed green space in downtown New York.

At 70 degrees and sunny, with just a touch of humidity, the farm offers a spring vacation any day of the year. 

We invite you to close your eyes, sip your cocktail, and just for a moment, forget you’re in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

I recently went on a tour of Farm.One and while I admit I was already pretty enthusiastic about the company going in, the actual tour still really exceeded my already-high expectations. First of all, I have to just note that this team really thinks of everything, and makes all parts of the tour equally informative and fun, infusing the entire experience with education and humor. I was lucky enough to have Brett as my guide (though based on his performance, I imagine all the guides are spectacular), and he really went above and beyond from start to finish. Right when I arrived, we were all given lab coats and hairnets in order to "protect" the plants from potentially harmful elements carried in from outside, and Brett made sure to explain the reasoning behind this, and continued to be extremely explanatory, helpful, and patient throughout the tour. This theme of depicting plants as real, living, breathing organisms is one that pervaded the entire tour, and I think it was my favorite part. Even though I've always known that plants are "alive," the care and tenderness with which Brett described the importance of nurturing and caring for them, as well as his explanations about how easily they can get 'sick' or 'die,' made me appreciate their vulnerability, and the need for conservation on a whole new level. The tour was so enjoyable, tasty, and educational, and an experience that delivered great value. $50 might seem expensive, but Brett went over the promised hour, took time to answer every single question, and we all got to walk away with a gift at the end. 10/10 would do again. (5 out of 5 stars)
Sara Ackerman, Google Review