David Goldstein is Farm.One's Farm Manager (and he's amazing)

I just wanted to officially welcome David to Farm.One as Farm Manager. David carefully oversees the farm, managing technology, quality and production from seed to harvest. He also works closely with staff at ICE to deliver fresh produce for the classroom (we share our space with their equipment).

Previously at Boswyck Farms, David created farm installations for commercial and non-profit clients, ran events, volunteer programs and tours.

And he's always using his MSc in Organizational Behaviour to get the plants in shape when they are leaning the wrong way.

I asked David five deep, probing questions. 

What are your favorite flavors?
Fresh basil on pizza.
Light roast coffee (black).

Most memorable dining experience?
Many years ago, I WWOOFed on a small family-run organic produce farm in central New Hampshire. This was a transformative experience for my pallet. Garden salad sandwich = bread, heirloom tomatoes, salad greens, thick slice of extra sharp Vermont cheddar.

Quick go-to meal at home when no one is watching?
Inspired by my neighborhood, Astoria....Seared chicken skewer from the local butcher ($1.50/skewer, marinated). Homemade tzatziki (Greek yogurt, cucumber, dill, lemon, garlic). Slice of Bulgarian sheep feta. Fresh tomatoes. Pita.

Favorite plants to grow?
Aromatics. I never get bored of the smell of live lavender and sage. The plants are slow to establish, but once they do they give back generously in fragrance and flavor.

Most difficult thing about vertical farming?
Balancing the priorities of production (offsetting the cost of rent and utilities) and innovation (exploratory research which doesn't always yield positive results).

Feel free to stalk David on LinkedIn.