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Intro to Hydroponics: Basics of Hydroponic Growing & Systems (Online, Beginner)

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In addition to offering in person and online events, Farm.One offers a range of custom events. Planning a corporate event or a private, special occasion? Get in touch with us so that we can plan an experience your group will not soon forget!


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Our in-person experiences are on hold — but we are preparing to re-open in a safe, friendly manner. Stay tuned!

I've lived in Manhattan for a while now and thought there was very little that could surprise me but I cannot explain how surreal it is to walk off the street and into this beautiful underground farm. A truly novel experience for me and all of my senses, I didn't know there were over 20 types of basil or thought I would have been able to taste the difference between them but I left feeling like a pro taster. The staff was awesome and the whole thing made for an amazing experience, I can't recommend it enough. (5 out of 5)
abuckenheimer, TripAdvisor Review

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