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Our Edible Bar is a brand new concept, bringing a wide, curated selection of fresh botanical tastes, aromas and visuals to any event. The Bar is a guaranteed "wow" factor, engaging both foodies and non-foodies alike in a unique tasting experience.

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Bring the farm to your next event with an Edible Bar display. This display brings a mini hydroponic system to your event with a selection of rare live plants hand-picked by our farmers for your guests to enjoy. This 4x4 display fits perfectly in any setting- all we need onsite is water and a sink to drain the system into afterward.

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The team at farm.one does an amazing job. They know their craft and are more than happy to educate and make you feel right at home, all while managing to supply top-tier NYC restaurants with the only the best. (5 out of 5)
Doug G, TripAdvisor Review


What Is The Edible Bar?

The Edible Bar is a tabletop growing surface, transported from our farm, with a wide selection of live rare plants for tasting.

What Size Is It?

The Edible Bar is 4ft by 4ft and fits perfectly on most tables.

How Does It Work?

Our Farm team brings the Edible Bar and live plants, and sets up the display. We cut and offer tastings to guests, explaining each plant, giving tasting notes, and describing the technology of the system and flavor profiles of the plants.

Does The Bar Need Lighting?

No specific lighting is required!

Can It Be Indoors Or Outdoors?

The bar should be indoors.

What Events Are Suitable?

The Edible Bar works well for any event where guests are standing or walking around, such as a wedding, conference or party.  We are also available to speak to groups as a whole, at your request.

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