Intro to Hydroponics: Basics of Hydroponic Growing & Systems (Online, Beginner)


Jump in with the basics of hydroponic farming & the various types of systems. Recommended companion courses: “Seeding & Crop Selection” and “Inputs & Conditions for Happy Plants”

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September 9, 2020
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If you’re new to the world of hydroponics, this course is for you!

This one hour, live, online course with Farm.One’s resident hydroponics instructor and hydroponicist, Caleb Raff, will cover:
- What is Hydroponic Farming?
- Pros & Cons of Hydroponic Growing
- Common Types of Hydroponic Systems
- Key Components and Features of Hydroponic Systems

In addition to a live Q&A during the event, all registrants will receive a recording of the class to reference when putting your learnings into action.

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The team at does an amazing job. They know their craft and are more than happy to educate and make you feel right at home, all while managing to supply top-tier NYC restaurants with the only the best. (5 out of 5)
Doug G, TripAdvisor Review


How do I access this experience?

Use the "Register Now" links to sign up. You will receive an email confirmation with full details.

Do I need special equipment to access this experience?

No - any modern computer or smartphone is fine. We recommend a high-speed internet connection.

What happens if I miss the timeslot? Is a recording available?

Yes - we provide a free recording of each experience afterwards.

Our team has years of experience overseeing plant health and production techniques at Farm.One's New York farm, and successfully growing a huge variety of crops, both hydroponically and conventionally.

A Unique Farm In Manhattan

Farm.One in Tribeca is a unique, custom-designed, climate-controlled indoor space with multiple hydroponic and lighting systems. Over 100 different crop varieties are grown at once, including rare and unusual herbs and greens, edible flowers and other exciting culinary ingredients.

There is no other facility like this in New York.

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