What are your delivery areas?

We currently deliver to the following New York City zip codes, with more available soon:

10001, 10002, 10003, 10004, 10005, 10006, 10007, 10009, 10010, 10011, 10012, 10013, 10014, 10016, 10017, 10018, 10019, 10020, 10021, 10022, 10023, 10024, 10025, 10026, 10027, 10028, 10029, 10030, 10031, 10035, 10036, 10037, 10038, 10044, 10045, 10055, 10060, 10065, 10069, 10075, 10090, 10095, 10103, 10104, 10105, 10106, 10107, 10110, 10111, 10112, 10115, 10118, 10119, 10120, 10121, 10122, 10123, 10128, 10151, 10152, 10153, 10154, 10155, 10158, 10161, 10162, 10165, 10166, 10167, 10168, 10169, 10170, 10171, 10172, 10173, 10174, 10175, 10176, 10177, 10178, 10199, 10270, 10271, 10278, 10279, 10280, 10281, 10282, 11201, 11205, 11206, 11211, 11213, 11215, 11216, 11217, 11218, 11221, 11222, 11225, 11226, 11231, 11238, 11249

What comes in the weekly Greens Pack?

Red container
Approximately 5oz of baby greens for your salad base, such as Rainbow Chard, Rambo Radish, Toscano Kale, and Five Star Lettuce.

Yellow container
Approximately 5oz of microgreens for your salads, to add some freshness to your meal or a nutrient explosion, such as Microgreen Wave Mustard, Micro Arugula and Micro Red Streak Mizuna.

Blue container
Familiar and rare herbs and flowers (some that can only be found at Farm.One in NYC) to add flavor and fragrance to your meals, desserts and cocktails, such as Blue Spice Basil, Rau Ram, Britton Shiso, Marigold Flowers, Dianthus Flowers and Violas. The insulated bag and greens boxes are reusable and we will pick them up from you on your next order.

Why should I become a Member?

Because eating from the Neighborhood Farm enriches your life with the most fresh, flavorful, hyper-local, and sustainably grown greens in zero waste packaging, that’s why!

If you rely on greens as part of your weekly meal planning, you know that delicious, fresh, local, no-wash required, sustainably packaged, delivered-to-your-door greens are almost impossible to find. That’s where Farm.One comes in and that’s why it’s good to be a Member.

As a Member, you are discovering something new with each box. The Neighborhood Farm is an incredibly biodiverse environment with over 700 varieties of plants in rotation. From wood sorrel leaves, to dianthus flowers, to over 20 varieties of basil; Members have the unique pleasure of enjoying rare and lesser-known micro greens, baby greens, herbs, and edible flowers.

Farm.One also enables Members to embrace a zero waste lifestyle. Say goodbye to those single-use plastic clam shell packages. We make zero waste living a reality by delivering products in reusable containers that we pick up, sterilize, and reuse. As a Farm.One Member, you’re joining a community of people committed to truly sustainable living.

How much does Membership cost?

Your first subscription costs $30 per week. The more Packs you subscribe to the less each one costs. Your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th subscriptions cost $25, $20, and $15 per week respectively. Browse all of our subscriptions here.

Where are my greens grown?

Your greens are grown at one of the Neighborhood Farm locations. All of our microgreens, baby greens, herbs, and edible flowers are grown indoors using hydroponic, vertical farming technology.

Our farms and farm teams are led by Justin, our VP of Farm Operations. He’s got an incredible amount of experience and knowledge around indoor farming as well as a ton of culinary experience from years in the restaurant industry. Get to know Justin on episode 2 of the Farm.One podcast.

Amere will become a familiar face (behind the mask for the time being). He delivers your farm share either by foot if you’re within walking distance to our TriBeCa farm or by electric bicycle. Members will be able to track him on an online map as he makes his way to drop off each week’s farm share.

How does it work?

It’s simple.
Once you become a Member you’re allocated space on our farm and we start planting for you. You’ll get access to your Member portal where you can select your delivery day and time as well as skip weeks if you are out of town. You’ll also have access to special Members’ content like menus, recipes, and exclusive interviews with chefs and food makers, not to mention some other things we’re working on ;-)

What if I need to skip a week or two or three?

No problem, you can do that in the Members portal. You can skip, but you’ll need to give us 3 days notice.

How do I cancel my Membership?

We hate to see you go, but you can cancel at any time. Just let us know at if you’d like to keep your last set of containers (we’ll charge you a nominal fee for them) or if you’d like us to pick them up. You can also drop them off at one of our Neighborhood Farm locations, just email us to coordinate the drop-off

What is Farm.One?

We’ve been growing fresh greens and ingredients for some of the best restaurants in New York City, including Eleven Madison Park, Atera and Marea, since 2016. Now, we’re growing them for you.

We launched the new Neighborhood Farm in 2021 to produce locally grown fresh greens, herbs, and edible flowers in the heart of urban communities. We offer residents of New York City weekly deliveries of Farm.One grown products from our farms in Manhattan and Brooklyn, always harvested the morning of delivery to you. We also offer smoothies that are blended the morning of delivery and mushrooms. Everything is brought to you in zero waste reusable containers, delivered with zero emissions vehicles or bicycles.

What does being a Farm.One Member mean?

As a Farm.One Member, you will have access to the most local and fresh greens. We harvest the greens the same day they arrive at your door. It can’t get any fresher. Calling them “fresh” is practically an understatement! As a Member, you also have access to our zero waste economy, all of our packaging gets returned to us and re-used. Farm.One helps members to live their best—zero waste—lives.

Farm.One Members receive subscription-based deliveries once a week. You can cancel or skip your subscription at any time. Subscriptions are billed on a weekly basis. It’s our mission to surprise and delight Members’ palates with the products we make and curate.

What kind of plants do you grow?

Short answer: Visit the Plants page to discover!

You’ll find varieties from us that you won’t find at any supermarket or probably even at your Farmer’s Market. Since 2016, we’ve developed indoor grow recipes for over 700 varieties of greens, herbs, and edible flowers. Since we grow indoors, we can offer these year round, regardless of the season or weather. We’re obsessed with biodiversity, it’s one of the reasons we do what we do. We’re equally committed to our radish sprouts, which take just 7 days to grow, as we are to our edible Viola flowers, which take 170 days to fully bloom.

Can I visit the farm?

We’ll be resuming our popular farm tours soon. Farm.One Members get priority booking and special access to other farm experiences.

Do you spray your plants or use pesticides?

We don’t ever use herbicides or pesticides.

You must use a lot of water to grow hydroponically, is that sustainable?

It’s incredibly sustainable! The style of indoor hydroponic farming that we practice uses a fraction of the water that's used in field farming. Our systems are built to conserve as much water as possible. We filter the water we use and recycle it back into the farm, it's very clean and efficient.

Besides greens, what are your other products?

We offer a Smoothie Pack and a plant-based Mylk Pack that are made the morning of delivery by our friends at Rawsome Treats. Smoothies are always made with ingredients grown on our farms.

Our Shrooms Pack features a rotating selection of mushrooms that are grown by our friends at Smallhold and are always freshly harvested.

In addition to Packs, we are also constantly sourcing product add-ons and surprises that are hyper-focused on ingredient transparency and zero waste packaging.

What’s the shelf life of the Smoothie and Mylk Packs?

Our smoothies and mylks are always made the morning of your delivery. They never contain any preservatives or stabilizers. Therefore, to get the most nutritional value out of our smoothies and mylks, you should refrigerate them immediately and we suggest you consume them within 3 days of arrival. You can also freeze them.

Do I need to wash my greens before eating?


We strictly follow CDC, OSHA, and Agriculture and Markets guidelines. All of our greens are grown in a biosecure environment. They are harvested the day of your delivery and put directly into our sterilized reusable containers. They do not require washing before eating.

I love pre-washed baby greens but hate those plastic containers that they come in

Tell us about it. Also, that wasn’t a question but we’ll still respond ;-)  

We do not use single-use plastic packaging of any kind. All of our greens are delivered ready to eat (no washing required) in reusable containers. When you finish your greens simply rinse and dry your containers, put them back in the bag, and have them ready for pick-up when we bring your next order. We clean and sanitize all containers before we reuse them.

How does delivery day work?

On the day of delivery you’ll receive an email with a link to track the Farm.One Member Envoy bringing you your weekly bag of freshness. You’ll be able to track when we’re on the way.

All of our Member Envoys are full time employees, no gig delivery people at Farm.One. Your Member Envoy will become a familiar face each week.

I don’t have a doorman, how can I receive delivery?

On the day of delivery, you will receive a link to track your package. We must be able to get into your building so we can leave your order directly with you, with your door-person, or at your apartment door. Please note that we cannot deliver if we are unable to get inside your building. To preserve freshness and shelf life you should refrigerate your greens within 2 hours of arrival.

What time can I expect my delivery?

We deliver during business hours. Please be aware that you will need to have someone available to receive the delivery or have a designated place for us to leave it safely. Please note that because we’re bringing you fresh food, you’ll need to refrigerate the items within 2 hours of arrival.

I’ll be out of town for a few weeks, what happens to my delivery?

Simply go to the Member portal and opt to skip weeks as needed. This helps make sure that we’re minimizing food waste and only harvesting the produce that Members need.

When is the latest I can cancel or change my order?

For Tuesday deliveries, change your order by 7 PM on Saturday.

For Wednesday deliveries, change your order by 7 PM on Sunday.

For Thursday deliveries, change your order by 7 PM on Monday.

For Friday deliveries, change your order by 7 PM on Tuesday.

Can I choose what I get each week?

We carefully curate what goes into each week’s delivery for flavor combinations and meal possibilities. We’ll also make sure that you get items that you’re familiar with and are Member favorites. We’ll also try to surprise and delight you each week with rare ingredients so you can explore new flavors and experiment with new dishes. Feel free to let us know what you like (or don’t) though.

What if I really like something, can I add it on?

We’re working on that! Stay tuned…

How do the reusable containers work?

We pick up your empty containers for re-use. You can either leave your prior week’s bag and containers with your door person or hand it back to our Member Envoy when they deliver your order. As part of our zero waste, zero hassle model, we clean and sanitize all the containers to commercial food safety standards before we reuse them.

What if I haven’t finished my greens and I’d prefer not to return my container this week?

That’s okay! We’ll keep track of your outstanding container balance and collect them the following week.

My home is overflowing with containers; help!

Reach out to us at and we’ll set up a specialized pickup from your home. Just let us know when and where.

How can I sign up for your wholesale program? Do you deliver to restaurants?

We are currently not taking on any new wholesale customers. However, businesses can certainly sign up for our regular Member Subscription.