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February 22, 2021

The 'Let's Broc and Roll' Bag


No video exists for this bag — but you can catch our podcast videos and plant profiles on the Farm.One YouTube channel.


Let's Broc and Roll everyone! This week's surprise is the Broccoli Short Stack Recipe book with their fresh deliveries this week. The recipe book starts off with a great story of how Tyler used to be a picky eater and how he grew to love other foods. But one thing remained constant: his love for broccoli. This recipe book brings new energy and inspiration to this great and reliable ingredient.

Tyler Kord is a chef and restaurateur in New York City. He is the owner of No. 7 in Brooklyn's Ft. Greene neighborhood and the No. 7 Sub sandwich shops at the Ace Hotel, The Plaza, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He has worked for chef Alain Sailhac at the French Culinary Institute and chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at Perry St. Tyler also has a B.A. in English from Oberlin College and his parents can't believe that his education might have actually been a useful part of his life as he tries to write a cookbook that is not embarrassing.


Baby Greens

Wildfire & Powerhouse Lettuce
Garrison Lettuce
Red Kale

Micro Greens

Micro Broccoli
Micro Cumin
Micro Miz America
Micro Red Streak Mizuna
Micro Scarlett Frills Mustard

Herbs & Flowers

Sweet Thai and Red Stem Thai Basils
Basil Flowers


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