Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how the Farm.One Membership works, with our comprehensive FAQs.

Q. Why should I become a Member?

A. Farm.One’s farm share membership gets you the same quality and flavor that have made their way to some of New York City’s best restaurants, including Atera, Marea and Eleven Madison Park.

It’s conveniently delivered to you each week by bike or foot from our TriBeCa farm within hours (if not minutes) from harvest.

You get 7 generous servings each week, starting at just $3.60/serving!

The ingredients are curated to surprise and delight you with the familiar and the rare.

We use reusable containers that we pick up with each new delivery. Zero Waste. Zero hassle.

You’ll be supporting a local business and farmers.

You can give Membership as a gift.

Q. What comes in my weekly Membership?

Red container
5oz of baby greens for your salad base, such as Baby, Rainbow Chard, Rambo Radish, Toscano Kale, and Five Star Lettuce. 

Yellow container
5oz of microgreens for your salads, to add some freshness to your meal or a nutrient explosion, such as Micro Green Wave Mustard, Micro Arugula and Micro Red Streak Mizuna.

Blue container
5oz of familiar and rare herbs and flowers (some that can only be found at Farm.One in NYC) to add flavor and fragrance to your meals, desserts and cocktails, such as Blue Spice Basil, Ram Rau, Britton Shiso, Marigold Flowers, Dianthus Flowers and Violas.

Q. How much does Membership cost?

A. We offer multiple options to meet your needs and lifestyle. 

For fans of healthy, flavorful and clean greens and simply want to make sure you secure convenient access to the very best that New York City can offer at a low cost, we recommend signing up for the 24 week Membership

To dip your toes and try out what everyone’s been raving about, the 8 week Membership is a great way to truly experience the quality, freshness and convenience of our farm share. 

For ultimate flexibility, the weekly Membership gets you all the benefits of a Farm.One membership week-to-week.

Q. Where are my greens and ingredients grown? 

A. Your farm share is grown indoors at our farm on Worth Street in TriBeCa, at the same farm that normally supplies restaurants like Atera, Marea and Eleven Madison Park. 

The farm is run by Justin, our director of farm operations. He’s got an incredible amount of experience and knowledge about indoor farming as well as a ton of culinary experience from years in the restaurant industry.  Get to know Justin when he was on episode 2 of the Farm.One podcast. 

Amere will become a familiar face (behind the mask for the time being). He delivers your farm share either by foot if you’re within walking distance to our TriBeCa farm or by electric bicycle. Members will be able to track him on an online map as he makes his way to drop off each week’s farm share.

Q. How does it work?

A. It’s simple.

Once you sign up, you’re allocated space on our farm and we start planting for you. You’ll get access to your member portal where you can select your delivery day and time, as well as skip weeks if you are out of town. You’ll also have access to member only content and some other things we’re working on ;-). 

You’ll receive your first delivery in about 2-4 weeks -- we plant your share once you sign up and some of your greens will take 21-28 days to be ready. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated and your expected delivery date is shown at the checkout.

On the day of delivery you’ll receive an email with details on the expected time of delivery. You’ll even be able to conveniently track your delivery online when it’s on the way. 

We pick up your containers for re-use. You can either leave your prior week’s bag and containers with your doorman or hand it to Amere when he brings your fresh farm share to you. As part of our zero waste, zero hassle promise, we clean and sanitize all the containers in commercial dishwashers before we reuse them. 

You can check the member portal each week for details about the ingredients, recipes to inspire you and other members only content. 

Q. What if I need to skip a week or two or three? 

A. No problem, you can do that in the members portal. 

Q. How do I cancel my Membership? 

A. We hate to see you go, but you can cancel at any time and your membership will end with your last delivery. Just let us know if you’d like to keep your last set of containers (we’ll charge you a nominal fee for them if so) or if you’d like us to pick them up. You can also drop them off at our farm in TriBeCa. 

Q. Why do I have to pay upfront but wait for my first delivery?

A. By paying upfront you’re securing your share of space on the farm. We start planting and growing your share when you sign up because that’s the best way of guaranteeing what you’re getting is as fresh and flavorful as possible. Our grow times vary from 7 days for some fast growing microgreens and up to 23-28 days for some of our baby greens. We really wish we could do it faster but we hope you’ll find it’s worth the wait! 

Q. Can I choose what I get each week? 

A. We carefully curate what goes into each week’s delivery for flavor combinations and meal possibilities. We’ll make sure that you’ll get items that you’re familiar with and are member favorites but we’ll also try to surprise you each week with rare ingredients so you can explore new flavors and experiment with new dishes. Let us know what you like (or don’t) though. We’re also working on different ways you can share ideas with other members. 

Q. What if I really like something, can I add it on?

A. We’re working on that! Stay tuned…

Q. What are the perks of membership? 

A. As a Farm.One Member you’re joining a community of people that enjoy fresh, healthy, clean and sustainably produced greens and ingredients. We’re working on new members-only content to inspire and inform you. We’re also starting to think about other perks like add on items from local food businesses. We’re just getting starting and we’ll continue to grow the value you get as a Farm.One member. 

Q. Can I visit the farm? 

A. As soon as it’s safe to do so we’ll be resuming our farm tours. As a Member you’ll get priority booking and discounts for our experiences.