Farm.One Built for Your Brand


The only complete, on-site specialty vertical farming solution customized to your company's needs.

Working with Farm.One gives you the power to grow a huge range of specialty produce at guaranteed quality, year-round almost anywhere in the world. Examples include:

  • An on-site farm for fresh herbs and flowers for a fast-casual restaurant in the heart of a city
  • Airport location farm for specialty produce used in premium inflight dining
  • Farms inside remote hotels to supply hard-to-source produce and act as a visual focal point

Farm.One installations can be as small as 200ft² or as large as you require. We can create high-visibility branded solutions, or more discreet production farms. Farm.One farms are optimized to work in almost any kind of building, allowing total flexibility and creativity.

Farm.One provides a complete design, build and managed solution, allowing you to focus on your business. Arrange a consultation for more information.

Farm.One New Locations


Interested in creating a new vertical farm?
Take the first step to become Farm.One Owner/Operator.

From logistics, to labor, horticulture and sales, starting a new vertical farm involves a huge amount of learning. 

Farm.One has rapidly established as a worldwide leader in quality, growing data and technology. By partnering with us, you gain multiple years of experience, a complete working process, a highly respected brand, and countless other advantages which set you up for success. 

Building a Farm.One location is possible almost anywhere, but requires a significant initial investment, normally over $500,000.

Locations in larger cities with thriving premium restaurant scenes are preferred. If you are interested in the opportunity, apply now for more information.