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Rob Laing

CEO, Founder

Rob is the CEO and founder of Farm.One, a radical new kind of farm in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world. Started in New York in 2016, Farm.One is a vertical farm that grows rare and exotic produce indoors, year-round, pesticide-free, using hydroponics and LED lighting.

Rob is an experienced startup founder with a career spanning the UK, Japan and now New York who is passionate about plant-based eating and using technology for clean, accessible food. He is the author of Ditch the Dirt, a home-growers guide to hydroponics and specialty produce, and the Plant Gourmet podcast, interviewing plant-based chefs. Previous to Farm.One, Rob founded, the crowdsourced translation technology platform, later acquired by Lionbridge.

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Rob Laing

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Rob Laing

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