What is the Farm.One Podcast?

In our informal weekly podcast we cover all the interesting news that catches our eye in food, agtech, vertical farming, sustainability and New York hospitality. We interview guests who have a connection to the food system, who push for a better food world, and who we find to be interesting folks! 

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Episode 10: Food Quiz!

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Need something light and fun for the end of the year? Tune into Episode 10 of the Farm.One podcast where Rob, Michael, and Ina play a game of trivia and Mad Gab for the final episode in 2020. 

Everyone takes turns asking each other trivia questions about food and the vertical farming industry. Test your knowledge and play along with us! We ended the episode with a good laugh playing Mad Gab food edition and an end of the year message from the team. 

Thank you to everyone who’s tuned into our podcast and supported our farm this year! We’re thankful for your support and we’re excited to continue growing in the new year. 

Read more about some of the facts shared on today’s trivia below: 

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