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In our informal weekly podcast we cover all the interesting news that catches our eye in food, agtech, vertical farming, sustainability and New York hospitality. We interview guests who have a connection to the food system, who push for a better food world, and who we find to be interesting folks! 

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Episode 17: Yemi Amu from Oko Farms shares her story and the world of aquaponics

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Yemi Amu, Founder and Director of Oko Farms, shares her story and takes us through the world of aquaponics for Episode 17 of the Farm.One podcast. She shares stories of her growing her own food when she was in middle school and growing up in a world where food was cooked from scratch. She shares her experience of how the food landscape changed when she moved to New York City. Yemi talks us through her work with Oko Farms, what the world of aquaponics is like, and how you can support food security in New York City.

To learn more about Oko Farms, check out the links below: https://www.okofarms.org/

Oko Farms Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/okofarms/

Oko Farms Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OkoFarms/