What is the Farm.One Podcast?

In our informal weekly podcast we cover all the interesting news that catches our eye in food, agtech, vertical farming, sustainability and New York hospitality. We interview guests who have a connection to the food system, who push for a better food world, and who we find to be interesting folks! 

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The farm.one podcast

Episode 21: Mabel Nash Greenberg

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With a background in filmmaking, this wasn't the first time Mabel has visited the farm. Mabel shares her story on living in Berlin, and how the markets and learning more about healthy foods led her to starting Frühling, a superfood trail mix made from Michelin quality ingredients. Take a look at Mabel's first visit at Farm.One here! https://vimeo.com/301403961

Check out some of Mabel's work as a filmmaker at https://vimeo.com/mabelng

To learn more about Frühling and to purchase this high quality trail mix, check out the links below: https://www.fruhling.co/