What is the Farm.One Podcast?

In our informal weekly podcast we cover all the interesting news that catches our eye in food, agtech, vertical farming, sustainability and New York hospitality. We interview guests who have a connection to the food system, who push for a better food world, and who we find to be interesting folks! 

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The farm.one podcast

Episode 28: The inside story of the first Farm.One Neighborhood Farm

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Rob and Michael have a chat about the official unveiling of our first Neighborhood Farm.

Regular listeners of the Farm.One podcast have no doubt heard some of the updates in previous episodes about our new Bergen St farm in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. In this episode, Rob and Michael take a step back and talk about:  

  • how we got here
  • the story behind our new subscription business
  • a few things we learned along the way
  • our commitment to reusable containers
  • how we landed on The Neighborhood Farm and what we hope it'll mean to our neighbors
  • OH! And MURAL! We talk about the mural!

Come by if you're in New York City: 625 Bergen St., Brooklyn