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Short history of Farm.One

Farm.One was founded in 2016 by CEO Rob Laing with the idea of growing rare, hard-to-find produce for chefs in the middle of the city. The first farm was at the Institute of Culinary Education in downtown Manhattan, and the second, larger farm is now in Tribeca, underneath restaurant Atera. Using hydroponics and LED lights, Farm.One completely disrupts traditional agriculture by growing produce year-round, just minutes away from customers. The company now supplies rare herbs, edible flowers and microgreens to some of the best chefs in New York, with 14 Michelin stars already among its customers.

Customers include:

  • Daniel

  • Atera

  • Jungsik

  • Le Turtle

  • Butter

  • Double Zero

  • L'Appart

  • Pizza Loves Emily

  • Mission Chinese

  • Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

  • Locanda Verde

  • The Grill and the Pool at the Landmark Rooms

  • Marea

  • Ai Fiori

  • Uchu


  • Farm.One grows over 500 different products to order for chefs

  • Rare herbs, including Pluto Basil at $40/lb

  • Edible flowers, including Purple Oxalis flowers at $0.65 each

  • Microgreens, including Red Mizuna at $40/tray

Ways of growing

  • Hydroponics is an efficient, sustainable form of farming

  • Products are “nasty-free” using plant-based nutrients, and avoiding all pesticides

  • Even “Organic” labeled produce can contain pesticides, whereas Farm.One uses beneficial insects to control pests.

  • Product is harvested and delivered in just hours - as opposed to product harvested in other states and shipped overnight to New York.

Technologies used:

  • Hydroponics - growing plants in a water-based nutrient solution
  • LED lights - specifically designed for horticulture

  • Farm.One has developed its own software and hardware to efficiently grow over 500 products

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture - a method of growing indoors where temperature, humidity and other factors are controlled precisely
  • Vertical Farming - stacking multiple growing layers for efficient use of space indoors