Spotted Bee Balm


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An eccentric beauty in form and color with complex blossoms topping 2' stems in hues of pinkish-purple, green, beige, and maroon. When out of stock, this product can be grown to order in 7 Weeks.

More Info about Spotted Bee Balm

  • Monad Punctata (Spotted bee balm) | NPIN
  • Plants Profile for Monad Punctata (spotted bee balm)
  • Spotted Bee Balm
  • Horsemint, Spotted Beebalm
  • Monarda punctata - L.
  • Great Design Plant: Spotted Beebalm (Monarda punctata)
  • Spotted Bee Balm Recipes

  • Many Uses for Bee Balm
  • Bergamot / Bee Balm - Herb of the Week
  • Flavor Pairings

    tomatorosemarysagelemonstrawberrydamask roseraspberrymintgreen teablack tea

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