Greens Pack




Greens Pack

Our baby greens, micro greens, herbs & flowers

Each week the selection is curated to give you new crunch, flavor and a little something special. Delivered in large, high-quality, reusable plastic containers




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Each week our ingredients change - check the week's menu for more information.

All Farm.One products are 100% plant-based (no meat or dairy or other animal products). Occasionally, products contain honey, which is clearly labeled.


No allergens


Grown at Farm.One and harvested on the day of delivery.


Store in Farm.One containers in the fridge for over seven days or more. You may choose to store the Blue box (herbs and flowers) in the warmer part of the fridge (normally at the top or in the door).

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One delivery. A base for all these meals.



Our delivery bag and containers are sturdy and reusable. We pick them up each week when we deliver. This saves around 156 plastic clamshell containers per person every year.


We deliver by bike to Manhattan and Brooklyn only. No trucks, no planes, no wasteful disposable insulation.

prepared same day

We get up early to harvest, blend and pack everything just a few hours before delivery. There is nothing fresher in New York, even the farmer's market.


We’re obsessed with local, rare, and unique flavors, striving to make each of your deliveries feel like the best trip to the farmer’s market. We believe in simple, whole food ingredients that are organic whenever possible, allowing high quality and surprising flavors to truly shine.

One delivery, a base for 6+ meals

Receive 3 curated boxes of greens, herbs and flowers selected from our range of 700 varieties. This is enough for 6 generous salads, plus herbs to garnish dishes, cocktails and teas.

Each box is 10.5" x 6.5" x 4" — they all fit easily in a normal apartment fridge.

Farms of the Future

Our vertical farms use no pesticides, almost no water, and deliver superior quality year-round. Since 2016 we have supplied New York's finest restaurants, including Atera, Eleven Madison Park and Marea.

Our main farm is underground in TriBeCa, Manhattan.

Follow along each week

Every week, we share menu tips, inspiration, local food stories and more, to help you get the most out of your subscription, and your amazing city.

We also tell jokes.


Every subscription includes a weekly surprise.

Sometimes it's a curated local food product that meets our ethical and sustainable values — and that tastes lovely.

Sometimes it's something completely crazy.

No plastic waste

As a company we examine every last part of our production process to eliminate single-use plastic, reduce our carbon footprint and water usage.

Our delivery bag and containers are reusable. 
We pick them up when you’re done. This saves around 156 plastic clamshell containers every year.

By growing locally we eliminate food miles, and by growing to order we eliminate food waste.

Support real people

All our staff, including our Member Envoys who make your deliveries, receive health insurance, a 401k, disability insurance and more.

Everyone is paid well above the NYC minimum wage.

Read about Farm.One’s commitment to community farms and to diversity, inclusion and anti-racism