Kusî Sisig




Kusî Sisig

The Filipino dish of Sisig was originally a salad of green fruits, given as a cure for a night of overindulgence aka a hangover! The dish’s name comes from an old Filipino word sisigan which means "to make sour". This week's surprise is a seasoning made with ingredients from nature to create that Sisig flavor bursting with umami. It's savory and deliciously fragrant, ready to elevate any dish.

The brand behind this project, Kusî, is a project inspired by friends, art and culture. Anna, the creator behind Kusî, had worked at many Filipino restaurants (she's half Filipino and lived in the Philippines for many years of her life) and spending a lot of time with friends who happen to be New York based chefs, discussing, learning and eating a lot when she decided to bring this product to life. What Kusî created is a seasoning with the flavor profile of traditional Sisig, being umami, tangy, and spicy. Their seasoning can be used to make Sisig or simply pinched anywhere for a burst of flavor. It’s meant to help you, a kitchen shortcut if you will, to make cooking quicker or for one of those days when you just don’t know what to make. Design was always part of the initial inspiration, with the goal of creating every step of the way with love and intention, from the seasoning itself using natural ingredients, to the label to packaging that cares about the environment (nothing is single-use), to the spoon meant to make things easier for you.

We used it this week to make a delicious shiitake mushroom sisig dish that our team happily devoured in seconds! We’ve also tried it as a substitute for bouillon cubes, on popcorn, on fried rice, on avocado toast. The possibilities are endless.




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Mushroom (salt, vitamin B, calcium), green mango, kala namak, black pepper, onion, calamansi (maltodextrin), chili pepper. Vegan, No Gluten, No Artificial Flavors.

All Farm.One products are 100% plant-based (no meat or dairy or other animal products). Occasionally, products contain honey, which is clearly labeled.


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