Management Team

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Rob Laing  

Australian/British, with a background in design, Rob founded and was CEO of the VC-funded language translation startup in Tokyo from 2008-2015. 

Rob likes making very fresh food, making technologies simple to use, and getting everyone to eat more plants. Rob also runs the podcast Plant Gourmet. Connect to Rob on LinkedIn.

Caleb Raff
Plant Scientist

Caleb oversees all aspects of plant growth, leveraging technology, biology, and a host of other disciplines to regulate quality and production from seed to harvest. He also works closely with the Institute of Culinary Education to educate students and bring fresh produce to the classroom. 

Caleb utilizes his years of restaurant experience to cultivate a product that meets the exacting specifications of Farm.One's clientele. Find Caleb on LinkedIn.

Wilson Gibbons
Sales Manager

Wilson works closely with our chef customers to give them the exact product for their menu, year-round. 

With previous experience at BlueCart and the amazing UpMountain Switchel, Wilson is passionate about sharing (and consuming) high-quality local food and beverages. Find Wilson on LinkedIn.

Nic Jackson
Engineering Manager

Nic graduated from McGill university with a degree in Bio-Resource Engineering, including work on biofuels using algae, and additional work in New Zealand on aquaculture systems. 

Nic designs and builds the equipment for Farm.One's farms.
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