Our New York Farms


NYC Flatiron

Our mini-farm at Eataly’s stunning rooftop restaurant SERRA supplies fresh, rare produce, year-round.



Our main farm in Manhattan, underneath two Michelin-starred restaurant Atera.

Visit this special farm for an immersive tasting tour or hydroponics class.

We also hold regular special events.


Expanding across the US and the world

Interested in a new Farm.One location or a custom-built farm supplying your brand?



Our unique production methods grow over 500 different microgreens, edible flowers and rare herbs year-round.

We deliver to the city's best restaurants by bike and subway, within just hours of harvest. There's nothing fresher.

Contact our Sales team to learn more.



Our farm management software guides our process from seed to harvest, using custom growing recipes to optimize flavor and appearance.

This is a brand new way of farming.

Speak to us about harnessing the power of our technology on your own farm.

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Farm.One products are served in New York's finest restaurants and bars. Contact our Sales team to join the list.

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