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Custom units

Fresh and rare produce

Our indoor vertical units have their own lighting, controlled environment, and are pesticide and chemical free. These units give you access to premium, chef-quality produce that can be harvested and packed on-site.

Farm.One’s units are built to order, designed with your space and your needs in mind. Enjoy the freshest possible herbs and microgreens with confidence of truly knowing where your food comes from.

We design and build custom vertical farm units for...

Schools / universities

Grow to educate, with a system designed for your students


Provide unique access to fresh produce for your staff

Restaurants & bars

Use rare products for your drinks and dishes in an inspiring display

At home

Uniquely designed custom vertical farm systems for your home


Provide the ultimate amenity for your residents


Create an attraction and grow to share and sell the product


Our process

1. Consult

Our solution starts with your goals, space, and budget in mind.
We help you choose between a standard and custom system.

2. Design

Our designers will prepare plans for a farm to fit your goals. Off-the-shelf designs are available for faster implementation where appropriate.

3. Install

Once the space is prepared according to specifications, the team will install the unit with efficiency at the forefront.

4. Maintain

We create a maintenance plan with you, with ranging levels of support from the Farm.One team. You can even opt for additional deliveries to supplement your produce.

Ready to grow

Farm.One provides the design, engineering, and installation services to bring your vision of an indoor farm to life.

Maintenance, support, and supplemental consumables can be added to make it as easy as possible to get you growing. 


Traditionally your food is grown in one place, packaged, and then travels to the place where you eat it. Whether it passes through a grocery store or restaurant, the place of growing and consuming are completely separated.

Because of this model, the ingredients that are available to us have become limited. We usually only see plant varieties that can withstand long distances.

Instead, with a custom farm system from Farm.One, you can grow plants with far more interest, aroma and flavor.

Get in touch

Speak to the Farm.One team today to find out more about a custom unit


Custom unit case studies