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Small farms

For communities

Create spaces in cities that grow food and nourish communities

For small business

Add a vertical farm to your business to grow crops in a city environment

For education

Create educational vertical farms that feed bellies and minds

For entrepreneurs

Get a head start on a small farm by working with the experts


Build your farm

Each community has a unique need for vertical farming. With Fam.One’s process and approach, we want to ensure the long term success of every farm that we build.

We also want to make sure that each farm we build integrates with the community in which we build, and we can’t do that alone.  We’re excited to share our expertise and the lessons we’ve learned in building our farms to build the capability for others to grow and provide access to fresh and clean produce to communities around the world. 

Join the network

When you build your farm with Farm.One, you are joining an international network and ecosystem of vertical growers who are sharing their experiences in indoor growing.

In such a new and emerging industry, joining the network gives you access to the knowledge of other growers, access to grow recipes, and support to grow your farm and business.

This head start gives a far higher chance of success compared to beginning from scratch, and opportunities to partner and grow with us as we expand to other areas.

Start small and smart

With vertical farms, even small footprints like 300-500 square feet can be sustainable, when part of a new and growing network like Farm.One's.

Consumables can be purchased as part of this network, dramatically reducing cost. Sales and marketing efforts can be shared, increasing efficiency. Software tools and training systems bring a team up to speed quickly.


Farm.One provides the support needed to launch a successful  farm, and the ability to build a team from scratch:

  • Training
  • Brand assets
  • Design, Engineering, and Installation
  • Farm Management Software
  • Grow Recipes
  • Operational and Plant Health Support

Plant science

Farm.One continually develops new growing recipes, operational techniques, integrated pest management protocols and more.

By building a farm with Farm.One, you get the advantage of this research and development on a continual basis. This allows fora new farm in the city to get up and running far faster and more reliably than a farm operating by itself.

Plant science developments are shared automatically through our software platform, which can also be used to flag issues and ask for support from our headquarters team.


Farm.One farms run on our operating system, which is built from the ground up to allow the growing of hundreds of specialty crops. Our grow-to-order system ensures we grow for customers with the minimum of waste.

Our hardware is designed to offer high efficiency at minimum cost, with solutions for different types of spaces. Hardware and software work in concert, allowing our farmers to grow crops in ideal circumstances. As new techniques are developed, these are implemented whenever we build a new farm, allowing us to continually improve.

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Speak to the Farm.One team today to find out more about opening a small vertical farm with us.


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