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Farm manager software

Our software defines all actions on the farm, managing planting, care and harvest of 1000s of batches at any one time, on desktop and mobile devices. No other farming software is designed to grow so many different ingredients. It also manages 'boring' tasks like printing labels, synchronizing with sales and accounting software.

All Farm.One farms get instant access to software updates, and can use software to interact with our Plant Scientist.

Grow recipes

Farm.One has created a unique dataset of light recipes, growing methods, timing, planting technique and more for 500+ products — edible flowers, microgreens and rare herbs.

No other vertical farm company in the world has this product range.

This data is used to plan planting, transplanting and plant care tasks for all crops. As such the Farm Manager can grow with confidence that plants are being managed at the right time, in the right way.

Training & documentation

The Farm.One process is carefully defined to ensure consistency, safety and efficiency.

Farm.One workers are on-boarded with standard training materials, introduced to complex techniques with VR video, and have always-on access to documentation on the farm.

Dedicated hardware

Farm.One hydroponics hardware includes several innovations designed to make farms efficient and easy to maintain even in small spaces. 

We work with industry-leading lighting manufacturers and continually evaluate new lighting solutions, so that our new farms get access to the latest tested products.

Logistics & consumables

Through our consumables management software, Silo, a Farm Manager can stocktake, manage consumables levels, place purchase orders and receive consumables from over 100 different seed, consumable and packaging vendors.

By joining the Farm.One network, each new farm, no matter what the size, can take advantage of our economies of scale by accessing bulk pricing and special terms.

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