The Farm at ICE

This 400-square foot farm was Farm.One's first facility, providing the culinary school and chefs with exciting, rare ingredients.

Small Commercial Farm
Brookfield Place, New York

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How can chefs have access to rare, high quality produce? How can that be grown within miles of some of the best restaurants in the world directly in New York City? Inspired by interesting ingredients, Rob was excited about growing rare and unusual crops to change the product availability. The Institute of Culinary Education, ICE is one of the top-ranked culinary institutes and the oldest in NYC. As the location of our prototype farm, this farm was constantly surrounded by new and renowned chefs, fueling collaboration between the farmer, chef, and students at one of the most prestigious culinary institutes in the world.

The farm is around 400 square feet in size, and uses several different systems - NFT, Deep Water Culture, Flood & Drain, a Tower Garden and more. A number of different lights were used, to allow research and development.

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The Farm at ICE
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