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About us


We started Farm.One in 2016 with the vision to grow rare, interesting, unusual produce for chefs, using the new technology of vertical farming. We began at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), in downtown Manhattan, with a small, experimental farm that served a limited number of top restaurants.

At the time, vertical farming was still a crazy idea - no one was very sure it would work! Four years later, this journey has led us to work with amazing chefs producing some of the best food in the world. We have built a larger farm in TriBeCa that has also shown us the power of small farms in cities, and the joy of educating and delighting visitors with information, flavors and community. We're now building more farms in New York and across the world.

We're proud to be supported by hundreds of investors from our crowdfunding campaign in 2017.

We're even prouder to have built a sustainable farming business that is now growing to multiple cities, and has the potential to build communities, support entrepreneurs, provide jobs, and last but not least, provide access to crazy interesting flavors and spectacular food.

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Rob Laing, CEO & Founder, at our original farm at ICE

Our ethos


A small crew of passionate plant people. Occasionally, positions become available. Check out our careers page to find out more.

CEO, Founder
VP of Corporate Development
Director of Technology
Operations Director
Chief of Staff
Delivery Professional
Hydroponics Instructor
Head Bartender
Farm Hand

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