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Smarter than salad.

Surprising fresh greens grown in TriBeCa.
Delivered minutes after harvest. No plastic waste.
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FROM JUST $3.60/serving

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Crisp, clean, no waste.

Like you, we love food, our bodies, and the planet. That’s why we grow fresh, interesting greens right here in NYC, package in reusable containers, and deliver by bike with love.

Reusables, not waste

We deliver in sterilized reusable containers and a reusable Farm.One bag, eliminating plastic waste.

Same day delivery

We harvest in the morning and deliver by bike just a few hours later.

Used by the best

40+ New York restaurants with over 20 Michelin stars have used our products.

Surprise and delight

Each delivery contains baby greens, microgreens, rare herbs and flowers, plus a carefully curated, locally sourced surprise!

FROM JUST $3.60/serving

Each week: 3 boxes. Infinite options.

Receive 3 curated boxes of greens, herbs and flowers selected from our range of 700 varieties. Enough for 6 generous salads, plus herbs to garnish dishes, cocktails and teas.
(Each box is 10.5" x 6.5" x 4" — they all fit easily in a normal apartment fridge)
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Baby greens
Micro greens
Herbs & flowers

One delivery.
A base for all these meals:

Grown on farms of the future

Our vertical farms use no pesticides, almost no water, and deliver superior quality year-round. Our main farm is underground in TriBeCa, Manhattan.

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FROM JUST $3.60/serving

Time to rethink your produce

By delivering our locally-grown greens directly to you, you get better ingredients and fresher food. Quality never found in a store.


Grocery store greens use hundreds of single-use plastic containers per person per year.


Even produce labeled “Organic” can have pesticides and other hidden substances in use.


Produce is often shipped thousands of miles across the country, creating carbon emissions.


Your grocery store produce has been sitting in a truck, a warehouse, and on a shelf for days.

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Ditch single-use plastic.

Our delivery bag and containers are reusable. 
We pick them up when you’re done. This saves around 156 plastic clamshell containers every year.

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Taste the Farm

Support real people.

All our staff, including our delivery riders, receive health insurance, a 401k, disability insurance and more. Everyone is paid well above the NYC minimum wage.

Read about Farm.One’s commitment to community farms and to diversity, inclusion and anti-racism

Support Local Farming

A New York favorite since 2016

What chefs and customers love:

High quality produce



Supporting local business

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Get fresh greens conveniently delivered each week, in reusable containers

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FROM JUST $3.60/serving