The Neighborhood Farm. Delivering throughout NYC.



Subscribe to our premium curated greens packs fresh from harvest at our farm in Brooklyn. Delivery or pickup in zero waste returnable containers. Plentiful Member benefits.


Discover brand new flavors in a world of edible botanicals. Learn the science of plant growth and the latest indoor farming technology. Visit our farm.

about us

We’re the neighborhood farm. Our main location is at 625 Bergen Street in Brooklyn, New York.

We grow unique luxury salad greens, specialty herbs, edible flowers and micro greens, serving chefs and local Members. We also use these ingredients in our specialty  beverages (smoothies, seltzers, juices and 0% ABV). Our vertical farm grows indoors year-round, right in the heart of the city.

Everything you receive from us is from the day of harvest. There is nothing fresher or more flavorful. Visit our showroom, take a tour, enjoy botanical beverages and experience live events.

We built our farm to be sustainable to the highest standard, equitable in employment, beneficial to the community, and, most importantly, delightful.