March 28, 2023

Delivery, benefits & more

A lot of announcements this month:

First, we are introducing a new delivery service in partnership with Hungry, Inc. that significantly enhances our delivery capability and provides more flexibility for our members. This partnership allows us to expand our delivery coverage making it easier than ever for Members to receive your greens packs and other products. Check our FAQs for more.

Second, we are excited to introduce our new Member Concierge, Adrienne Sorg. Adrienne is focused on ensuring that you have the best possible experience with us. She will also be curating exclusive member events and other activities designed to foster community and help our members “live the experience” with Farm.One.

Third, we are introducing a new feature where members will have their name attached to Allocated Acreage on our farm - literally. Names will be posted on our grow racks alongside “your” greens for all to see (and you to show off to your friends!). Members will have a unique connection to the sustainably grown greens on our farm.

Fourth, compliments of Adrienne, Members will have exclusive access to ticketed events such as guest-chef farm dinners, special classes, and other unique experiences that are not available to the public. These limited access events will allow you to experience great food, learn more about sustainable indoor farming, meet our amazing team, and connect with members of the Farm.One community.

Fifth, Members will benefit from special member pricing on member-hosted events in our new private event space, The Pavilion, as well as discounts on our farmers market products made available over time, including our specialty beverage program made with exclusive products from the farm.

Last, we are converting our Individual Greens Pack membership from weekly to bi-weekly (two containers every other week) so all Members can benefit from the full curated greens experience of both our Red and Green boxes.

We believe these changes will provide everyone with even more value and delight from their membership with Farm.One. We have always been, and always will be purpose-driven, and we built our farm to be sustainable to the highest standard, equitable in employment and beneficial to the community. This mission will take years to achieve, and we are here for it.

As you know, Farm.One had to close last year and came very close to totally disappearing. We were trying to do all of the above with a brand new business model built on local farming in the city. 

So to accomplish our purpose, drive sustainability, offer all of the Member benefits outlined above, and also to build a stable business that can fulfill the long-term goal of improving how our city eats, we have modified the pricing for our membership program. Below is a summary of the revised pricing: 

We are introducing an annual membership fee of $125, discounted to $99 for the first year of membership or reactivation. For past members like you who reactivate under the new program, the fee for the first year is deferred until September 1, 2023.

Greens Pack Pricing (full details here)

Regular, weekly: 
Two 4oz containers (½ lb total), $30/week, $120/month

Large, weekly: 
Three 4oz containers (¾ lb total), $45/week; $180/month

Individual, bi-weekly:
Two 4oz containers (½ lb total), $45/bi-weekly; $90/month

Delivery Fee of $6.99 per delivery.

Reusable Container Program Fee of $3.99 per Greens Pack (delivery or pickup). The use of reusable containers is a vastly more sustainable option than single-use packaging. There are costs associated with providing and maintaining these containers, such as retrieving, cleaning, sanitizing and replacing damaged ones. This fee goes some way to offset these costs and supports our collective sustainability efforts.

Sign up for your greens pack and membership here.

FEBRUARY 14, 2023

First Revival Harvest

We were delighted to complete our first revival harvest today for a select group of Members, starting with a mix featuring nasturtium leaves and gem marigolds.

We are gradually adding capacity throughout March and April, and expanding our pickup and delivery options. To stay informed, join our waitlist. We're excited to be back.

FEBRUARY 1, 2023

Re-opening Timeline

Throughout December and January we have been rebuilding our farm on Bergen Street, upgrading equipment and adding production capacity. The first batches of herbs and greens have been planted.

We will be putting the finishing touches to our space during February 2023, and producing our first harvests shortly after. Past Members will be contacted soon. Our expected timeline for re-opening is as follows:

March 2023

  • Memberships - weekly greens subscriptions
    Pickup only. Other delivery methods will become available in time.
  • Tours
  • Restaurant sales (with delivery)

April 2023

  • The farm becomes fully open to the public, including the Pavilion, our new gathering and event space.
  • Classes and other events resume

DECEMBER 1, 2022


In early 2022, even with the support of our passionate Members and the local community, we were not able to raise the funding we needed to continue growing post-COVID. In February 2022 we had to close down the farm entirely.

For months we continued to pursue every funding lead.
By September we were convinced the dream had been extinguished beyond any hope.

But somehow, despite everything, underneath it all, a little seed stayed alive. At the very last minute, we were found by a new investor. One with the resources to support our plans to expand our facility and grow for the long term.

Farm.One is about to be better than ever.

We are already fixing up our Neighborhood Farm building on Bergen street and adding more production capacity. In a few weeks we will start planting our herbs, flowers and salad greens for our Members, and (again!) for the best restaurants in New York.

Our first harvests will begin early 2023. We’ll share the full details soon.

To all those who have supported us with your positive messages, helpful advice, connections, prayers(!), we thank you. Shout out to Agritecture in particular. We thank our heroic ex-team for their incredible support and we hope to re-hire team members as possible.