Subscribe to our premium curated greens packs fresh from harvest at our farm in Brooklyn. Mixes change weekly and include a curated selection of the most interesting, flavorful and unique variety of micro greens, baby greens, herbs and edible flowers only available from our farm. All packed in reusable containers - no plastic waste.

Members receive their greens each week via pickup or delivery, Tuesday-Friday. Join here.


We grow a uniquely luxurious variety of baby and micro greens, herbs and flowers, available in pack sizes to suit your family.

You receive your greens on the day of harvest. There is nothing fresher.

You may never have had a more surprisingly delicious salad. The curated combination of greens, herbs and flowers create a dish  beyond your ordinary expectations.

Each week the mix changes, and includes new varieties from our catalog of hundreds of rare herbs, greens and edible flowers.

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no nasties

We pack in sturdy containers, which are returned, washed and sanitized, then re-used.

We use no pesticides, and we only sell locally, eliminating food miles.

More goodies

Our Members order fresh beverages and other surprises made using our botanical ingredients to pick up with their greens.

Members receive access to special events, and discounts on public Farm.One events and products.