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Generous weekly deliveries of baby greens, microgreens, herbs and specialty items.

$250 for 8 weeks

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By joining our farm share program you allow us to plan production in advance - a great way to support a local farm.

What you get: Variety & freshness

What's it like to receive Farm.One products?

Reviews from Farm.One customers

Absolutely love the freshness and cleanliness of your products, especially your basil and pea shoots.
Micro arugula was super tasty, and a generous amount. Flowers were also great. 👌🏻
Perfectly lovely and well-packed - easy delivery... Thank you for growing such lovely things to eat!
I'm so delighted to find Farm.One. My package arrived on time, the flowers are amazing.

Why Farm.One?
The future of farming.

Our vertical farm in Manhattan grows 700 different specialty items year-round. We deliver to 40+ of NYC's best restaurants and bars.

Surprises each delivery

Our subscription program offers a weekly selection of produce that it's not possible to get in the grocery store - the same variety chefs choose from.

Everything is harvested and delivered same day - far fresher than even the farmer's market.

It's the perfect way to add freshness to your cooking and try new flavors, without leaving your home.

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What exactly do I receive?

Each delivery has a generous quantity of microgreens, a separate package of rare herbs, and a selection of edible flowers. Your packaging is compostable (or recyclable). See some examples of unboxing. Surprises will be added to your delivery each week!

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program that allows consumers to buy directly from farmers. Farmers offer “shares” of the farm for a period of time. It a lot like a subscription. In return, you get a weekly delivery of fresh produce. Although we don’t have “seasons” on our farm, this program is our unique spin on a common model seen at several local farms.

What is your delivery zone?

We deliver to Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York ONLY. No exceptions!

When does my delivery arrive?

You can select Wednesday or Friday for delivery. After your first order, you can modify your delivery day easily.

Can I cancel?

The subscription program is an 8-week program that must be paid up front. This fee is non-refundable. Your subscription will automatically renew after each 8-week "season." You can cancel your subscription for the next "season" up to two weeks prior to the start of the program.

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$250 for 8 weeks

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