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Our ethos

Farm.One aims to be an antiracist and anti-discriminatory organization. Farm.One believes that part of this work necessitates fostering an environment where discussion of racist or exclusionary structures and behavior is not only allowed, but encouraged, as part of our daily conversations. As part of this process, we have gathered feedback from all staff, generating over 100 ideas to further diversity, inclusion and anti-racism within our team, within our community, and among our stakeholders. Our management team has also made specific commitments that are outlined below. 

As of July 20, 2020 - we are working to build structures within our day to day operations to ensure we prioritize and implement the most effective ideas and incorporate them into our team’s objectives and key results, which are part of our performance review process. We will continue to update this page as those structures develop.

Farm.One believes that protest and political participation are core to impacting social change. All Farm.One staff are encouraged to take time off, no questions asked, to support these aims, this process, and their communities in the ways they can, whether that be through protest or other efforts.

How we hire and promote

Black, non-white, and LGBTQ+ voices are underrepresented in our company’s leadership. Farm.One is committed to overhauling our hiring and internal promotion processes to create a leadership team that reflects the diversity of our city and community. As part of these efforts, a member of our team has been promoted to a new role within our company, Chief of Staff. This position carries a responsibility to implement more equitable hiring and employee development practices. Some initial areas of focus include: ensuring equitable candidate sourcing, adjusting our selection and interview process, ensuring ongoing internal work on diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism efforts, monitoring allocation of specific budgets to employee development programs, and collection of company-wide diversity data.

We are continuing to discuss ways to create greater opportunity for growth for people in non-management roles within the company, as well as ways to publish data highlighting the retention and promotion rate of our LGBTQ+ and BIPOC employees. 

Our internships have historically been unpaid positions, often compensated with college credit and expenses only. We recognize that the nature of an unpaid internship creates a financial barrier and presents unequal opportunity, often skewed in favor of financially privileged, often white, interns. Farm.One onsite internships are currently on pause for the foreseeable future due to COVID. As of July 20, 2020 - Farm.One does not employ any unpaid interns, remotely or onsite. When internships are relaunched, Farm.One is committed to overhauling our internship program to create equal or greater opportunity for interns of color within our company through compensated internships and an improved hiring strategy.

How we communicate

We believe that accountability and transparency are key to a better future. In doing our part to manifest a more inclusive and equitable future, Farm.One is committed to taking a public stance and sharing our initiatives in service of that future. As of July 20, 2020 - Farm.One has integrated our public anti-racist stance into our communication calendars, allocating at least one post weekly to address inequality that exists within our industry and within our company.

Farm.One is committed to use our platform to amplify voices that are underrepresented, particularly BIPOC, LBGTQ+, and female voices in the food and plant world. Looking at our previous influencer partnerships and collaborations, most were in conjunction with non-BIPOC folks. As of July 20, 2020, we are intentionally building relationships exclusively with BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals with a passion for creative cooking to provide long-term opportunities to highlight their work and create content together on our channels. These relationships are affiliate partnerships, allowing individuals that promote us to be paid for doing so.

We are part of a New York urban agriculture community and an informal national ecosystem of urban and indoor farms. We will represent our aims and values in those forums, and encourage other organizations to create and follow aligned aims and values.

How we support communities

Farm.One is committed to use our platform to be an antiracist voice in the traditionally white, male spaces of fine dining and agriculture. The restaurant industry and agriculture industry have been built off the back of slavery, and have seen years of systemic and largely unchecked racist, sexist practices. We believe we are uniquely positioned to facilitate conversations within both industries, with the hope that we can impact change. In assessing our community, it’s clear that Black chefs, restaurant owners, and farmers make up a tiny fraction of the people we work with. We are and will be having conversations internally and externally about why that is, and how we might authentically expand our partnerships with Black members of the community.

As of July 20, 2020, we have expanded our delivery zone for our direct to consumer offerings to include Harlem and a greater number of Brooklyn neighborhoods. We are using our expanded delivery zones as an opportunity to engage a greater number of Black-owned and Black-operated restaurants in these neighborhoods and beyond. We are, additionally, exploring ways to continue to expand our delivery zones to serve a greater range of communities.

Our unique position is that we build farms, and we can work at large or small scales to create transparent, open farms that relate directly to their communities, and which are physically accessible to all. Our opportunity as a company is to build farms which not only spread our values but which also create opportunities for entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups whose communities are defined by nonconforming gender expression and other non-geographic definitions. As of July 20, 2020, we are exploring a model to open community farm “outposts” in NYC, outside of Manhattan, aimed at putting farms where people need them, and creating job and entrepreneurship opportunities, particularly for the Black community. Outside of NYC, we are exploring partnerships with nonprofit and other organizations, targeting cities that give us the best opportunity of building farms for underserved communities.

As an organization that specializes in on-farm experiences, we are expanding our Experiences program to include outreach to communities that have limited access to fresh food, online and in person. Our intention is to reach a greater number of adults and children that live in food deserts or otherwise underserved communities to provide education about where food comes from and how to grow one’s own food. As part of this restructuring, we are establishing a sliding scale payment plan, as well as a suite of free programming, to create more equal access to our events.

Farm.One commits to re-evaluating our supplier network to ensure to the furthest extent possible that the companies we source our goods and equipment from match and exemplify our values. This includes consistently reviewing how we can buy more from Black-owned and underrepresented businesses. 

We recognize the valuable work organizations outside Farm.One are doing to impact change. As of July 20, 2020 - Farm.One has made donations of greens to support the work Migrant Kitchen, World Central Kitchen, and Collective Fare are doing. If you’re aware of an organization that could benefit from a donation of quality greens, please send more information our way via our contact form.